Plant Male Reproduction Database

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Version 0.3 Release

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Version 0.3 Release

1, Updated data and web interface for the Arabidposis;

More genes and mutants included;

MS genes from 128 to 199. Added classic mutants, genes such as tcp16,gem1,atbzip34,assh,tio, mia,hap2,etc;

Listed out MR genes inferred with experimental evidence;

Unified interface for the two model species;

2, Simplified the navigation  menu;

3, Added Microarray search and BLAST tools for Arabidopsis;

4, Improved  user interface of "keyword-gene network". Two versions of interface available now: flash, HTML5.


5, Opened data collection for male reproduction processes such as pollination, pollen germination, pollen tube growth etc.

6, Added more terms in wiki page;

7, Added "help tips"  and "notice tips" to minimize misunderstanding;

8, Updated the security system of the user forum to block spam users;